Exesio Tonosis Hair Spray 200ml


Exesio Tonosis Hair Spray is a natural formula that tones and revitalizes your hair. It is prepared in a natural way and stands out in its class as a hair spray tonic. It gives hydration and protection and shine after each use!

Use it on dry or wet hair, even before you enter the sea.



Exesio Tonosis Hair Spray is another product of the Greek company Exesio Hair Care System. It aims at the growth and reconstruction of the hair, while giving it protection and a silky texture. This natural rejuvenation formula is the key to always having perfect and groomed hair for all day!

Among the benefits it has is that it moisturizes and soothes the scalp even from the first uses. It repairs damaged and dry hair, offering shine and control against frizz. In addition, its beneficial properties help them to untangle and comb more easily, without breaking the hairs.

Exesio Tonosis Hair Spray can be used on wet or dry hair, but also before you enter the sea. It is not necessary to rinse.



to use

See below the instructions on how to make proper use of Exesio Tonosis Hair Spray.

1) Wet hair

Once we have finished shampooing, we spray the tonic hair spray from root to tip. Then we dry and enjoy the renewed shine in our hair.

2) On dry hair

We spray the hair spray during the day and then comb our hair or work it with our hands. This will remove frizz and moisturize our hair, while giving shine and silky texture.

3) For the sea

Just before you enter the sea, you can spray the tonic spray on your hair. Not only does it protect them from the sun or salt, but it gives a silky and soft feeling even after the shower.

Additional information

Weight 200 g