Our Company

Our company, Beauty and Health by Filia, is the only representative of the Exesio and Alexander Hair treatment system in Crete. With over 30 years of experience in the field of hairdressing, this collaboration aims to improve hair health. Our vision is to achieve this improvement in the most natural way.

The specialized Greek products of Exesio Hair Care System and Alexander Hair, are also suitable for professional use as a treatment in hairdressers.
They are certified and their plant origin offers them the ideal hair treatment. They offer protection, restoration and strengthening of natural hair and ensure impressive results. Discover the properties and ingredients of the integrated herbal remedy to better serve your clients.

Give 100% care to every woman and man who wants to enjoy livelier and healthier hair. Entrust the health of your customers' hair to the experts through these salon products!

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH US to introduce you to the Exesio and Alexander Hair salon products as well as to inform you about the opportunities to work with us.