Alexander Hair Silver Shampoo 300ml


Silver shampoo ideal for neutralizing against unwanted yellowing and prolonging the duration of the color.


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Alexander Hair Shampoo Silver is ideal for neutralizing against unwanted yellowness and prolonging hair color. Natural organic tea and sage extracts have been used for natural hydration and chamomile to open them in a natural way. In addition, it leaves the hair soft and shiny.

Silver Shampoo does not contain sulfates. So it is also suitable for hair in which there is keratin treatment.
In addition, from 2022 it is upgraded with organic preservation (GREEN) & mild form where you are given the opportunity to use products friendly to the environment and your skin.

In more detail, it is a shampoo that acts against yellowness and preserves the cold shades of blonde. However, great care is needed, as in case of frequent use it can dehydrate the hair. In addition, it also removes reddening from brown hair. It may not have as obvious an effect as on blonde, but in brown ones it is worth using it for the days when the color blushes a lot.

Alexander Hair products are from organically certified Greek herbs. In addition, this series has received certification from a dermatological center without conducting experiments and tests on animals.

They do not have Parabens and Salts.

Ways to apply Alexander Hair Shampoo Silver

  • Put a small amount of shampoo on damp hair.
  • Do a gentle massage with the foam.
  • Rinse thoroughly. It is ideal to use it once a week or depending on the needs of the hair. Depending, that is, on the effect that the shampoo has on the hair and how much you want to eliminate yellowness.

Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact rinse with plenty of water.

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