Exesio Shampoo and Mask 280ml


Exesio Shampoo and Mask 280ml is a powerful natural formula for effective strengthening and treatment in the form of hair shampoos. It helps the skin to eliminate sebum, oiliness and dirt that accumulate in the pores of the skin. After 6 to 10 applications, it regulates oiliness and stops hair loss, making the hair stronger and elastic.

A clinically certified Greek product of 100% plant origin, suitable for men and women.



Exesio Shampoo and Mask 280ml is the natural solution for the vitality of your hair.

It is part of the Hair Care System therapeutic series that contributes to the reconstruction of your hair. A hair shampoo that combines the properties of an energizing mask. It has absolutely beneficial and natural action and works in harmony with the skin on the scalp. It aims at better care of your hair and the improvement of its health.Specifically, hair shampoo contains ingredients from plant sources such as avocado, polytrichi, bay leaf and chios mastic. The above are known for their therapeutic benefits that when combined, nourish and protect the hair.

Also, Exesio Shampoo and Mask 280ml does not include dangerous chemicals that are harmful to the health of the scalp, distinguishing it in its category. It is a fact that from the very first uses, the herbal hair shampoo helps in the regrowth of new hairs. More specifically, Exesio Shampoo achieves:

  • Immediate growth and regrowth of new hair
  • Rejuvenation and reconstruction of the hair follicle
  • Getting rid of unwanted hair loss, dry skin and oiliness
  • Cleansing of the skin from pollutants and harmful substances
  • Strengthening circulation in the plexus of capillaries, to properly nourish the hair

How to apply

The therapeutic properties of Exesio Shampoo and Mask 280ml improve the health of your hair and offer immediate beneficial action.
To get better results, read the correct instructions for use.

We apply to dry hair an amount of about 25-40ml of shampoo to act as a strengthening mask on the roots. We cover the whole head, specifically in its upper part. Then, let the product act for 15 minutes. This whole process should be done before shampooing. Then add a little water and stir so as to make a rich foam. Proceed with intense massage to the roots of the hair and finally, rinse with plenty of water.

Optionally, you can continue with the
Exesio Exelixis Hair Mask
for even greater results.

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