Exesio Hair Oil Elixirion Ampoule 10ml


Exesio Hair Oil Elixirion Ampoule Elixirion now and in a mini version for home! It stops hair loss from the very first applications. It achieves regrowth of new hair with 10-12 applications and doubles the thickness of the thin weak hair after 6-7 applications. Give shine and reconstruction to your hair through this therapeutic herbal hair oil.



Exesio Hair Oil Elixirion Ampoule Elixirion now and in a mini version for home!

From the first uses you will see the visible results offered by this powerful therapeutic hair oil. It includes rich and nutrients of 100% plant origin. More specifically, it has a therapeutic effect and achieves the regeneration and reconstruction of the hair, while giving strength and shine. In addition, the ingredients of Exesio Hair Oil Ampoule have laurel oil, balsamic oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and polytraych.

The beneficial features of the above have been known since ancient times. More specifically, the combination of everything succeeds in:

  • Fast growth and regrowth of new hair
  • Reconstruction and rejuvenation of the hair follicle
  • Getting rid of dry skin, oiliness and hair loss
  • It gives shine and highlights the color of your hair

How to apply

The healing properties of Exesio Hair Oil Elixirion Ampoule Elixirion exceed all expectations and improve the health of your hair.
So, it is suitable for men and women.

For men:

We apply to dry hair (on the upper part of the scalp) a small amount of oil 3-4 ml. We massage lightly to achieve full coverage at the roots and leave the oil for 45 minutes. After these minutes, we bathe with the corresponding product of the Exesio Shampoo series.

For women:

On a dry head, at the root of the scalp we put a small amount (about 3-4 ml) of the energizing oil. Then, proceed to a gentle massage and spread the product over the entire part of the scalp. With our hands we apply the rest of the product along the entire length of the hair and leave it for 30 minutes. When the time passes, we continue with shampooing with Exesio Shampoo and optionally, we apply the Exesio Exelisis Hair Mask

Additional information

Weight 10 g