Exesio Exelixis Hair Mask 500ml


The Exesio Exelixis Hair Mask ensures the strengthening of hair from root to tip. In addition, it offers intensive reconstruction and repair of the hair, as well as shine, silky texture and volume.



Exesio Exelixis Hair Mask 500ml. Discover the herbal and therapeutic mask for your hair that ensures its health and beauty.

Proper care of our hair includes some necessary steps for their total improvement. So, adding a hair mask to better care for them is one of the most basic actions. These have been created exclusively to revitalize hairs that are dry at the ends, while healing weak spots. In addition, it protects them from split ends, balances the frizz in curly hair and generally shields the hair.

That’s why we recommend this certified herbal mask for hair for its complete restoration.
The Exesio Exelixis Hair Mask has rich nutrients and protective ingredients that deeply moisturize the hair fibers. More specifically, these ensure:

  • Intensive reconstruction and repair of the hair
  • Silky and soft texture
  • Shine and volume
  • Elasticity and softness in hair
  • Protection of the paint color
  • Reduction of frizz, without weighing down the hair

How to apply

The herbal Exesio Exelixis Hair Mask 500ml is suitable for damaged or burnt hair. It also helps fight dry skin and hair loss. It frees the hair from split ends, makes it more elastic and gives it twice as much protection.

After shampooing, we apply the hair mask to wet hair, from root to tip. Massage lightly with your fingers and let it act for 15 minutes. Once these minutes have passed, we rinse the mask for hair with a lot of water.
See the renewed vitality and thanks to your hair from the very first application!

Additional information

Weight 500 g