Exesio Barefoot Foot Cream 50ml


The Exesio Barefoot Foot Cream is the natural solution for your foot care. It is intended for the hydration of the skin and for the immediate restoration of its texture and appearance.

Suitable for everyday use.

Ingredients: Olive oil, extracted with calendula, lavender, syphyte, coconut butter, shea butter, cocoa butter, almond oil, balsame oil, raw beeswax.


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Exesio Barefoot Foot Cream nourishes and moisturizes cracked heels offering immediate relief.

The nutrients offered by essential oils, beeswax and balsame oil act as anaplastic for the skin. In addition, the heel cream is enhanced with antibacterial substances that neutralize bad odors and bacteria.

Thanks to the beneficial properties included in the herbal cream, it leaves a refreshing feeling of coolness and freshness. It regulates proper blood circulation and as a result, you feel your feet lighter and more relaxed. Finally, it reduces the dryness of the skin and does not leave greasy.


to use

The Exesio Barefoot Foot Cream is the ideal herbal cream for cracked heels.

We apply the heel cream every night in the area where we have cracks. After 3-4 applications, we have skin regeneration. At the end of the second week, we have a complete restoration of the skin.

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