Exesio Company

Exesio is a purely Greek company that operates since 2004 in the field of production of PLANT hair and nail health products.

Together with other scientific collaborators and clinical studies from the dermatological department of the hospital "Evangelismos", we have developed a series of products that effectively, surely and naturally help to strengthen the scalp and restore hair health.
During our years of presence in the field, we cooperate with all the pharmacists of our country, as well as with many selected hairdressers. Continuing the tradition of good EXESIO products, we develop new specialized products, which concern the strengthening of the scalp, but at the same time restore the quality and appearance of the hair stem, achieving reconstruction and hydration with impressive results.

Read in more detail the clinical study of the Hospital "Evangelismos"

Alopecia is a big clinical problem, which in recent years is constantly growing. Various treatments have been used mainly locally, but also systematically, but without completely satisfying both doctors and, above all, patients. Our effort focuses on the effectiveness and tolerability of a new formulation, which contains Laurus Nobilis – Adiantum Capilus Veneris & Persea Americana and is applied in patients with Diffuse Areata and Androgenetic type alopecia.

This preparation is a shampoo (-gel-) and is applied to the roots of the scalp 15 min before shampooing, without massage, in a thin layer that covers the epidermis. It is applied three (3) times a week. There are 40 patients taking part in the study, of whom 30 follow the instructions closely. During the 3rd week of application – at 8 to 10 washes – there is a cessation of hair loss and a decrease in seborrhea, while after the next 8-10 bathings, in the next three (3) weeks, there is a gradual regrowth of the scalp. In two patients, itching and profuse sweating are observed, but they continue treatment by reducing the time of application to 10 min.

Completing the treatment in three (3) months it is observed that in 25 patients clinically the problem has been restored. In 4 patients the results are smaller and continue the application for three (3) more months, three (3) times a week. In 5 patients who do not strictly follow the application of the preparation three (3) times a week, smaller results are observed and continue for three (3) more months of treatment. In a patient the results are meager.

In conclusion, the application of the formulation seems to be an effective treatment in Diffuse – Areata – Androgenetic alopecia, without side effects. The ingredients of the shampoo act quickly, are very well tolerated, reduce seborrhea and give a soft texture and gloss to the hair.

Alopecia, characterized by any quantitative reduction in the number of hairs, regardless of its form and etiology, affects both sexes almost with the same frequency. Phylogenic and racial factors are a key role, while various genetic, hormonal, immunological factors and local receptors are involved in the pathogenesis of the disease. The life cycle of hair is disturbed in major surgeries, prolonged febrile diseases, taking medications, after childbirth, in an exhausting diet, in cancer patients, in menopause.

Various treatments have been applied topically and systematically to alopecia with various side effects, either because of its chemical composition or because of the way of application or even because of the prolonged treatment time, which makes it necessary to develop new therapeutic applications. In this study we have invested in the effectiveness and tolerability of the topical application of shampoo in alopecia.

The patients taking part in the study are 40, of which 15 are men and 25 women, with Diffuse – Areata Androgenetic alopecia. Pregnant women and patients with total and universal alopecia are excluded from the study. The age is from 6-56 years old in men and 20-72 years in women. The time of onset of hair fall ranges from 1-12 months. The type of Androgenetic alopecia in women is types I, II, while in men it is type II and III.

The preparation – shampoo – is applied 15 min before shampooing on the roots of dry hair of the head, three (3) times per week for three (3) months. In 15 patients, a trichorrhizogram is performed before the start of treatment, which is repeated after the end of the treatment to control the hair growth phase.

Patients with Alopecia Areata fully restore all gaps, first with thin, white or pale blonde hairs and then normal blondes or black ones (pic. 1, 2, 3, 4).

Excluded is the off-sided alopecia areata, which has new normal white - black hairs on the periphery of the lesion, but continue to detach diffusely from the scalp (fig. 5, 6).

In androgenetic type alopecia we exclude the five (5) patients who use another formulation at the same time and we do not evaluate the result.

In women type I, II we have hair regrowth with a very good result (pic. 7,8,9) except in two cases that have polycystic ovaries, where the result is not considered satisfactory. In these patients, there is a decrease in seborrhea, a decrease in hair drop, but no regrowth of hair.

And from men type II, III, there is a very good result in type II (pic. 10-11), while in two men type III the clinical result is considered good and they continue the treatment for three more months.

In diffuse alopecia the results are judged excellent (pic. 12,13,14).

In all patients in the first 8-10 baths we observe discontinuation of hair loss and in the next 8-10 regrowth of hair, improvement of texture, gloss of hair and reduction of seborrhea.

The results of the trichorrizograms indicate that we have an increase in the regenerative phase, especially in the parietal region and a decrease in the telogen phase, especially in the frontal region.

The ingredients of the preparation - shampoo exesio - contain flavonoids, which strengthen the wall of the vessels of the dermis and improve blood circulation around the hair follicles. Also unsaturated fats, proteins, Vitamins A, B, B2 that on the skin act as antioxidants and moisturizing products and as an oily extract act directly in the hair follicle, participating in the regulation of the metabolism of fatty acids and the mechanism of the pump of potassium ions. As an extract, the destruction of microbes and yeasts that colonize the scalp is achieved.

Relying on the properties of the ingredients and the results of the trichorrizograms we try to understand and support the immediate very good result of the application of exesio shampoo.


Exesio Hair Care System is a clinically proven herbal hair treatment.
It relieves hair loss, strengthens and restores the scalp and contributes to the regrowth of new hair.

It is 100% clinically proven Greek product.

It consists of five (5) products, of which one (1) is addressed only for professional use. These are:

Exesio Hair Care System Mask & Shampoo

Exesio Hair & Scalp Exelixis Power Mask

Exesio Leave-In Hair Serum Tonosis Spray

Exesio Elixirion Hair Oil in ampoules

Exesio Elixirion Hair Oil (for professional use only)

The hair care product line is for both men and women.

To start herbal hair treatment, carefully read the instructions of each product. First apply Exesio Elixirion Hair Oil to dry hair on the top of the scalp. After 45 minutes it is thoroughly rinsed with Exesio Hair Care System Mask & Shampoo. Next, Exesio Hair & Scalp Exelixis Power Mask is used for strengthening and rebuilding. Exesio Leave-In Hair Serum Tonosis Spray is used complementary for more protection and shine.

It is not necessary to buy all the products in the series. However, you will see better and faster results by combining them together.

From the first month you will notice visible results and a significant improvement in the health of your hair. Their strong beneficial effect ensures the regeneration of the hair follicle and reconstruction of the hair stem.